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Fishing has been fantastic on Leech Lake the last couple weeks. Muskie fishing has been extremely good. The last 3 weeks the boat has been having opportunities and catching between 1-4 fish every time we go out. Lots of low 40 inch fish are being caught, but we are getting some darn nice fish as well. It has been about 50/50 buck tail and top water bite as of lately. All of the typical fall spots are holding fish right now and it is not uncommon to catch multiple fish off of one spot when a bite window opens up.

Walleye fishing is also really starting to pick up. A Lindy Rig and leech or crawler or pulling crank baits have still been the most productive methods in my boat. One day they seem to want a leech and the next day they prefer a crawler. Fishing windblown break lines adjacent to feeding flats throughout the day or trolling crankbaits over some of the deeper basin areas have been keeping us on fish.

Recently there have been too many fish caught to post them all, but here are some of the highlights. 
















The power of the moon has been seen again this week. The full moon phase is historically a great time to catch muskies, and the past few days have been no exception. Bucktails and top water baits have been the most effective baits recently, but jerk baits moved a few fish as well. The shallow rock reefs and shore line structure seem to be holding a fair amount of fish right now. Contacting fish throughout the day then going back during a feeding window is important. When a bite window opens up it is not uncommon to catch multiple fish in a short period of time.

If anyone is looking for a great bucktail check out the Apache from Muskie Frenzy Lures. Multiple fish were caught on them the past few days, and they are my go to bait for night time Leech Lake Muskies

Here are some of the highlights from this past week. Some smaller fish were caught as well, but not photographed. 

Chuck with a nice 24" Leech Lake Walleye
Peter with a healthy 27" walleye
Dan with a nice surprise walleye fishing
48" Leech Lake Musky
Leech Lake Muskie
Leech Lake Full Moon Muskie
Leech Lake topwater Musky
47" Leech Lake Musky
Leech Lake Muskie
Leech Lake Musky


Walleye fishing is still fairly slow. Staying mobile is the key to success on Leech Lake right now. Live bait rigging with a leech or night crawler in the mornings near night time feeding areas have been productive at times. Trolling crankbaits and covering water remains the most effective way to put walleyes in the boat still.


If walleye fishing is slow the pike in the weeds are more than willing to keep the rod bent. Spinnerbaits and Spoons over the shallow weeds of Steamboat Bay, Sucker Bay, and Boy Bay have been productive. The deeper weed lines are holding a number of pike as well. Targeting these fish with a jig and a minnow is a great way to catch them, but be prepared to go through a few jigs. Don't be surprised if you run into a walleye or two fishing these deeper weed lines. 

The Muskie fishing is nearing its summer peak. Pretty much everywhere on the lake that might hold a Muskie is holding a Muskie right now. Some days the rocks are more productive then the weeds, other days it’s the weeds that seem to have the active fish. Continuing to cast these areas with high speed search lures such as bucktails and topwaters and you will eventually contact an active fish. If you are looking for a great bucktail on Leech Lake check out the Apache triple bladed bucktails from Musky Frenzy lures. The Apache really starts to stand out over the others as the lake starts to receive more and more pressure this upcoming month.











7/19/17 The Dog Days

It’s safe to say that the dog days of summer are here. Walleye fishing has become tougher in recent weeks, but fish can still be caught. The fish are constantly moving, so staying on the move is important this time of year. Searching with crankbaits or spinner rigs is a great way to find fish. Once a group of fish has been located you can go through with a slower more precise presentation such as a Lindy Rig and leech or crawler to catch a few more fish out of that school. My favorite way to catch Walleyes this time of year once I've found a school of fish is probably the simplest technique out there... the slip bobber. The rock humps around Submarine Island on Leech Lake are a good place to start your search. 

Muskie fishing is continually getting better. Fishing is not fantastic by any means, but if your willing to put in the time good things will happen. Deeper cabbage weeds seem to be holding majority of the fish right now. Bucktails and topwater baits get the nod during low light periods, while Rubber baits are the go to during other daylight periods. The power of the moon has been seen often recently. Use the moons major and minor phases to optimize your time on the water. 

As I mentioned Muskie fishing is not great by any means right now, but last night I has something happen that I have only had happen one other time. I hooked 2 Muskies on consecutive cast. Both fish hit rubber ripped over deep cabbage. The first fish was a chunky mid 40's inch fish that I had trouble getting into the net. Eventually it came off and slowly swam back to the bottom. The next cast I had another Muskie eat the same bait close to the boat. After losing the fish a cast before I made certain that I got this fish in the net. Although the fish was much smaller only stretching the tape to 40" it is an experience that I won't soon forget. 

Mark with a 23" walleye caught trolling a crankbait.
Leech Lake Northern Pike
Leech Lake morning
Leech Lake Nortern Pike
Leech Lake Walleye
Leech Lake Walleye
Leech Lake Northern Pike
Leech Lake Walleye and Crappie
Leech Lake Northern Pike
Leech Lake Crapies
Big Leech Lake Walleye
Leech Lake Walleye
Part of their Leech Lake Limit
One of the many slot fish caught that morning
Leech Lake Walleye Double
Shallow water smallmouth from a smaller area lake
Leech Lake Walleye
41" Smaller lake muskie
Big Leech Lake Walleye
Leech Lke Walleye
Leech Lake Walleye
Leech Lake Walleye

























Fishing overall has remained good despite the recent bug hatches taking place on the area lakes. The walleye bite is transitioning from a predominately jig and minnow bite to more of a Lindy rig and leech or spinner rig and crawler bite. Look to areas with cabbage weeds and young of the year perch to hold the most walleyes right now. Other areas holding fish this week are main lake rock reefs in 12-18 feet of water. 

Muskie fishing is slowly but surly getting better. As the overall water temperatures continue to warm up the better the fishing is going to get. Bucktails casted over fresh cabbage weeds continues to move some fish. This bite will take off in the next couple weeks. Trolling open water with crankbaits has been the most consistent bite still. Where you find bait fish suspended over open water you'll find muskies. 

Smallmouth Bass are in the shallows on some of the smaller lakes around the area. Sight fishing them on sand flats with scattered boulders has been effective. Look to tube jigs and drop shots fished slow to be most effective during the day. Top water baits such as poppers and walk the dog style baits are working during low light periods. 







6/8/17 Pick Your Passion Week 

To say the fishing has been good on Leech Lake this past week would be an understatement. The walleyes continue to be caught in decent numbers with many big fish being caught this week. Fishing shallow water with a jig tipped with a minnow is still producing many of the fish, but a Lindy rig and a leech is quickly starting to take over. 

The panfish bite has been good this week as well. The crappie bite has been the most consistent. Some searching is required, but when you find a school of fish they are plentiful. Pitching a jig and plastic has worked well. A crappie minnow under a float has been picking up a few fish as well. 

The Muskie season opened up last Saturday as well. Top water baits moved the nicer fish this past week. It was a tie for second most productive bait between bucktails and rubber. Look for areas with warmer water and fresh green cabbage weeds to hold the most fish. 

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