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  • St. Croix Fishing Rods 
    Known as "the best rods on earth" for a reason. St. Croix Rods have a history and tradition in the fishing world that cannot be denied. Check them out at

    Kenkatch Tackle Company
    Kenkatch Tackle Company is know for making high quailty fishing tackle with the angler in mind. Some my favorite baits from Kenkatch Tackle Company are thier Red Long Shank shiner jigs and 3D eye jigs. Check them out at




  • Acorn Hill Resort

    • Family owned resort located in Traders Bay on Leech Lake.

    • The host of Camp Walleye. Check out Camp Walleye here. 

    • Protected Harbor

    • Swimming Pool


  • Horseshoe Bay Lodge 

    • Family owned resort located on the "main lake" part of Leech Lake.

    • Protected Harbor

    • Swimming Pool

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